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What happens first when I contact you?

We’ll chat via email and set up a pre-consultation meeting over the phone, or with a cup of coffee. I want to give you a chance to get to know me and see if I’d be the right fit for you.  Also, I want to hear your story – how you and your fiancé met, what you find amazing about each other, what your plans are for the future. 

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Will you work with my wedding planner?

Definitely!  I will gladly work with your wedding planner to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of your wedding.


Will you help me figure out what kinds of shots we’ll have?

Of course!  We’ll definitely work together on this.  I can also meet you at your wedding site.  We can walk around and talk about your vision for where and how you’d like to be photographed.  I can help you with ideas about poses and different kinds of shots, but my main goal is to make sure I capture you – beautiful, relaxed, and completely yourself.  For that, I want to know what makes you feel comfortable and natural.


If I hire you, will you or someone else be taking my photographs on my wedding day?

Many wedding photographers don’t actually shoot all of the weddings they are hired for – they will use an associate to shoot them instead.  As a boutique wedding photographer, I am always the photographer for my clients.  I do work with a second photographer who takes additional shots, but the main work is mine.

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What is a photography timeline?

If you meet with me and decide that I’m the best fit for you, we’ll start making our plans!  As part of my services, we’ll meet again about a month before your wedding to make a photography timeline for your wedding day.  This isn’t a rigid schedule that you have to adhere to; instead, it’s a general guideline for what photographs you want taken when.  This kind of planning really helps make everything go smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your unforgettable day.

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How long after my wedding before I can see the pictures?

After your wedding, my work for you has just begun!  We will spend about six weeks editing your pictures in order put together the most perfect, exceptional retelling of your day.  When they’re done, I’ll contact you and you’ll be able to view them on a secure website.  And if you need help with your album, I’ll be glad to work on that with you as well.

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